Behind The Scenes: Flip That Funk – ~Pourri

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Behind The Scenes: Flip That Funk

We dropped it, and you loved it! Our latest campaign has made quite the splash, and for good reason. Our original, kickass song, “Funk Check ft. Black Joe Lewis”, was an overnight hit! Soon, you’ll be able to add this jam to your favorite playlist, blast it at the beach, and bump it whenever you need some motivation to let that caboose loose. Stay tuned for our Spotify launch!

If you’ve been living under a rock and still haven’t heard it, check it out here!

Making The Music

Keeping true to the authentic vibe of the campaign, we recruited a team of all-star musicians rooted in soul, R&B, blues, and jazz, all of which create the very foundation of funk music. And since this infectious genre was born in America's deep south, the team found its songsmiths right in their own backyard—Texas!

GRAMMY® nominated producer, composer, and music director, RC Williams and his band The Gritz created the track's arrangement and foundation. Plus, ~Pourri’s VP of Creative, Nicole Story Dent, lent her top tier writing skills to create some of the catchiest lyrics in the biz.

Inspired by the sounds of Bootsy Collins, George Clinton, and Rick James, “Funk Check” was created with funk in mind. So, who better than the iconic, Austin-based, Black Joe Lewis, to channel his inner James Brown for that authentic energy?

To round out the song's vintage-meets-modern sound, we recruited Chief of Vibe, producer, artist, and DJ Jason Burt, AKA ELECTROPHUNCK, who took the track to the funky MilkyWay and back. When the films and music are combined, this electrifying Campaign reintroduces ~Pourri as an expanded brand, bringing our odor-fighting expertise and humor into a new world of solutions for all of life's funkiest fumes.

Flip The Rest Of Life’s Funk

If we can handle bathroom odor, we can handle anything! Find the perfect solution to flip every type of funk with ~Pourri’s expanded line of stink stopping products! We guarantee they’ll have you saying, “smell yeah” with every spritz.

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