Be the Best Roommate Ever – ~Pourri

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Be the Best Roommate Ever

Living with roommates can be awkward. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re heading off to college—they grow up so fast—or just moving in with someone for the first time, we hope these wisdom nuggets help make it the best experience possible.

Here’s our guide to being the most kickass roommate ever: 

1. Communication is Key.
They’re not a mind reader (and neither are you). Setting boundaries from the beginning is a surefire way to make everyone feel more comfortable in the shared space. Be clear about your personal doo’s and don’ts and really listen to what the other person needs.



2. Don’t Touch Their Crap Without Permission.
You may have grown up with siblings who share everything…sometimes unwillingly…but don’t assume your new roomie will feel the same way. Having discussions on what’s communal and what is off-limits upfront sets clear expectations so you can avoid any sticky shituations. 



3. Clean Up After Yourself.
If you’re sharing a room, always be sure to clean up after yourself to keep the room feeling tidy. And if you’re living in a shared space like an apartment, clearly communicate how chores will be handled. As a general rule of thumb, if you made the mess, it’s yours to clean. And try not to leave your dishes in the sink to “soak”. We all know that’s just what we tell ourselves so we can clean it up later. You’re not foolin’ anyone.



4. Give Them Space.
Being in tight quarters with other people can get overwhelming from time to time. Try to give your roommate the space they need to get shit done or relax. If they’re in the zone, don’t interrupt their flow and let them know if there are times you need to stay focused or take a minute.




5. Don’t be a deucebag. Use Poo~Pourri.
Cramped quarters stink enough. Spritz Poo~Pourri before you pop a squat and leave the communal bathroom smelling better than you found it. Your roommate will thank you.



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