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Back to School: Backpack Essentials They Can’t Live Without

It’s back to school season and the only thing your scholarly stinker should be worried about is their class rank—not their stank! The first day is fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to start stocking up on school supplies. While you’re ticking off the list with the classics like pens, notebooks, and folders, be sure to nab these MUST HAVE backpack essentials to make every school day fresher than a walk in the park.

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Do they have the first day jitters? Are they extra nervous about that speech presentation? Or maybe they’re running late (again) and sprinted to class? No matter the sweaty sitch, Pit~Pourri is here to save the day. Our non-toxic all-over deodorant will keep them fresh all day long, so they can face any anxiety-inducing moment with confidence. Plus, our mini travel-sized deodorants make for a cute, compact, and totally discreet backpack essential.

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When you gotta go, you gotta go. Your little stinker will always be prepared to answer nature’s call with a pocket-sized Poo~Pourri. This tiny life-saver comes in handy when they don’t want anyone to know that they just blew up the bathroom. After all, taking care of business is nobody’s business but theirs! No more suspiciously lugging bags in and out of the restroom—they can just slip one of these in their pocket for a totally anxiety-free pooping experience.

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If they made the rookie mistake of choosing a midday PhysEd class, there's no need to stress. Having to wear the same shoes they just ran a mile in can bring along some stinky stenches, but a couple sprays of Sole~Pourri will instantly undo the damage of those funky fumes. Just have them stow one of these bad boys in their bag to keep their shoes and feet smelling like a friggin’ forrest all day.

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Going back to school stinks! But it doesn’t have to. Whether their backpack is reeks of that ham sandwich from last week, or their hoodie absorbed the meatloaf special from today’s hot lunch, a little freshening up might be in order. Home~Pourri not only works on tough odors lingering in the home, but the ones that seem to cling to fabrics as well! This mini version is great on the go, eliminates up to 99% of odors, and promises they’ll come back home smelling better than when they left!