Back to School: 5 Dorm Room Essentials – ~Pourri

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Back to School: 5 Dorm Room Essentials

It’s time for your not-so-little stinker to make their mark in college. As they transition into the next phase of higher education, they’ll be busy worrying about cramming for that statistics test, crushing the football game, and surviving rush week. The last thing they need to worry about are funky smells. Set them up for success with these coveted ~Pourri dorm room essentials, sure to make their space feel less stinky and more soothing.

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It doesn’t take much for tiny, shared spaces like dorm rooms to smell stuffy and stale. Especially when someone microwaves those pungent leftovers as a midnight snack (we’re looking at you, Jessica!!). Home~Pourri eliminates 99% of odors within 60 seconds and uses essential oils to leave your space smelling better than you found it. Spray it in the air, on curtains, carpets, rugs, bedding, couches, pillows, and even trash cans, the list is endless!

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Let’s be real, communal bathrooms can get funky fast. And you never want to be the person responsible for any stinky smells. That’s where Poo~Pourri comes in handy! This small but mighty toilet spray eliminates bathroom odor before it begins, so you can leaf the loo smelling like a PSL instead of a porta potty.

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Going for a “walk” is the perfect time to relax and unwind after a long day of learnin’. Or maybe a little wake and bake before class is your jam. Good news is, now you can let loose discreetly! Pot~Pourri is the ultimate smoke odor eliminator spray, perfect for getting high on the low. Just a couple of sprays will leave the air and fabrics smelling like refreshing lemon and cloves!

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Living in close quarters can result in some funky fumes from all kinds of smelly places, including the shoes to run track, rush to class, and try their hand at kick boxing. Instead of living in a stinky cheese nightmare, let the fresh air in with a spritz of Sole~Pourri, the shoe and foot odor eliminator. This spray will turn foul odors into an aroma of cedar and eucalyptus, so they can always put their best foot forward.

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Always be prepared to take on anything that comes your way—finals, high stakes presentations, and first dates, too! No matter how bad you stress sweat, Pit~Pourri can handle it all. This funk-defying, non-toxic, full-body deodorant is clinically proven to work. Like, for real. Its powerful, skin-loving combination of mandelic acid, prebiotics, caffeine, and proprietary Funk Lock™ Technology keeps the funk away and leaves you smelling fresh all day.