Awkward Odor: A Series Of Secret Stinky Submissions – ~Pourri

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Awkward Odor: A Series Of Secret Stinky Submissions

Odor can be annoying. We’re talking cringe, awkward, and even as aggressive as a roundhouse kick to the face. But the beauty of every smelly situation is that it always ends in a stinkin’ hilarious story. It’s tradition around here for new hires to share their most vulnerable moments with odor on their first day. That’s why we’ve compiled a series of secret tales straight from the people that know exactly how jarring funky fumes can be—the ~Pourri employees themselves!

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The Puppy Incident

I invited a date over to my apartment and when we sat down to eat, my puppy took a massive dump on the floor right in front of us. My date didn't laugh and just looked repulsed. It smelled horrific (all you puppy owners know what’s up)! Needless to say, that was a last date!

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It Happened On The Boat

I had too many servings of my future mother-in-law's butter-rich mashed potatoes. We were staying on their boat, and I blew up the boat toilet. This would normally be fine… but it wouldn't flush (boat toilets are notoriously finicky). Not only did it stink up the whole boat, but I had to wake my partner up to help unclog it.... We had to improvise and use the dog bowl to scoop it out. IT WAS SO BAD. The dog bowl was trashed after, don't worry.

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The Cool Parents

It was the summer after my freshmen year at college, and I was in New York with my family and headed to New Jersey the next day for a family reunion. As we're walking down the streets of NY, I point out a bong that I might get for my boyfriend. My dad hangs back with me and laughs a little, but we keep walking. About a minute later he goes, “You know I have one just like that in the garage." Immediately thinking it was a joke, I started laughing and just brushed it off. Then he goes, “No, for real! I got a little corner in the garage where I keep it."

It was in that moment my life would change forever. I realized my parents had become way cooler than I ever imagined. The secrets started to SPILLLLLLLL. Next thing I know, I’m blowing down with the whole family at the Family Reunion!! It was truly magical.

Fast-forward three years and my parents are bigger potheads than I could have ever guessed. They have been - wait for it - my entire life. And now… I’m my parents’ connect. Their house chronically smells like weed (once all the kids were gone, they stopped going outside to smoke) and it's just the smell of their house now!

I introduced my parents to Pot~Pourri and it changed their life forever. We're literally obsessed with the smell and I spray it everywhere!! Between that and Home~Pourri, you can finally walk into their house without thinking it smells like a dispensary.

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