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5 Ways To Stop Stinky Girl Summer

It’s the first day of summer and things are getting hot (thanks global warming!!!). We’re talking spicy, sizzling, chili pepper hot. Which is exactly what you want for an unforgettable summer...right? But be careful! Your hot girl summer can quickly turn from sexy, fabulous and free to sweaty, sticky and a whole pair of jean shorts full of swamp ass. That’s right, you’re only one step away from... a stinky girl summer.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. And anything else that reeks. No matter what type of smelly moment you may experience, we are dedicated to stopping stinky girl summer dead in its tracks. Here are 5 ways to stay stink-free this summer, guaranteed.

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1. Pit~Pourri: The Non-Toxic, Full-Body Deodorant

You know the feeling—you’re sweating like you’ve never sweat before. EVERYWHERE. In places you didn't know you could physically sweat (can someone confirm that elbows sweat, or is that just us?). It feels like you just took a shower, in the grossest way possible. You want nothing more than to douse yourself in a vat of deodorant to minimize the absolute STENCH reeking from your body. And technically, you can with Pit~Pourri, the full body deodorant, perfect for boob sweat, pit stains, and that imprint of moisture your butt is planning on leaving on that chair. This funk-defying deodorant is free of toxic chemicals and clinically proven to fight odor for up to 24 hours!

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2. Sole~Pourri: The Shoe + Foot Odor Eliminator

We’ve all experienced the dreaded whiff of expired cheese when taking our shoes off after a long day of hot girl walking. But when it’s at a friend’s house or when you're surrounded by a group of people (who we can only assume have also been hit in the face by your rancid foot fumes), it can be the most awkward thing in the world. But before you toss those super cute, strappy platforms in a sweat-induced rage, grab some Sole~Pourri, perfect for saving face by deodorizing your feet! This quick fix will give your shoes and feet a breather by eliminating 99% of odor instead of just masking it, so you can feel confident no matter how loud your dogs are barking!

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3. Home~Pourri: The Multipurpose Home Odor Eliminator

With temperatures rising, it’s no surprise that things in your home get stinky faster. We’re talking about that old food in the trash, the dreaded litter box, and that pile of half-dirty, half-clean clothes that’s been sitting on your chair for two weeks. It’s easy to start noticing mystery smells coming from every direction. Sometimes, no matter how frantically you clean, you can still smell those pesky, lingering fumes. This is the perfect opportunity to reach for a 2-in-1 funk-fighting solution with Home~Pourri, for all the other smelly crap in your house! Home~Pourri delivers the odor-eliminating power of Funk Lock Technology and transforms any space with its incredible aroma. With a candle and spray option, you can refresh any stinky room in a matter of minutes!

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4. Pot~Pourri: The Smoke Odor Eliminator

It’s summertime, and we know you’re ready to kick back and relax, BIG TIME. It’s the perfect setting for a toke at your friend’s backyard party or a little appetizer to a fast food feast. Whether you’re mowing the grass, getting zooted, or partaking of the devil’s lettuce, let’s admit that we all enjoy a little Mary Jane from time to time. But we don’t always love the smell it leaves behind. Which is why we created Pot~Pourri, the best way to nip odor in the bud! Now you can get high on the down low, by eliminating smoke odor at the source, leaving nothing but a refreshing aroma of essential oils.

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5. Poo~Pourri: The Classic Poo Odor Eliminator

We love this time of year for festivals, theme parks, and outdoor events. It’s just pure, unadulterated fun. That is, until you have to take a hot girl dump in the public restroom—or worse, a porta potty. The absolute stench involved in this process should be illegal. The sweat, waste, and other bodily fluids make it feel like you’re in the middle of a warzone. But you must brave it. And what better way to face the music than with a classic? Yep, Poo~Pourri is once again here to save the day. Poo~Pourri eliminates bathroom odor before it begins, so you can leave the porcelain throne smelling better than you found it.