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What's Included

1 - Supernatural Cleaning Box + Kit with Supernatural Organic conscious concentrate cleaners.

4 - 13oz reusable Supernatural eco glass spray bottles, one eco-friendly Glass + Mirrors cleaner, one natural Counters + Granite cleaner, one natural Wood + Floors cleaner, one natural bath + tile cleaner. Each screen-printed, eco-friendly bottle and custom spray nozzle are designed to last forever and cut down on plastic waste created by single-use bottles found in stores.

4 - Natural botanical, environmentally friendly, conscious concentrate vials that create 13oz of Supernatural cleaner each to fill your Supernatural spray bottles. The Starter Set includes Glass + Mirrors, Counters + Granite, Bath + Tile, & Wood + Floors concentrates, everything you need to turn your Supernatural home into a sparkling, aromatic masterpiece.


Our Supernatural home care blend of pure and potent botanicals ethically harvested with the highest quality in mind to create a powerful cleansing experience that will purify your home and sanctuary. The aromatherapeutic properties replenish your energy and revitalize your senses with our naturally eco-friendly blend of essential oils and all-natural botanicals.

From the ethical harvesting of the essential oils and botanicals to the shipment on your doorstep, Supernatural is designed for the lowest carbon footprint of any other cleaner. We put the earth before higher profits to lead the way towards a reusable first future.


Glass + Mirrors - Reviving pink grapefruit, refreshing lemon + lime, heartening sweet orange, relieving rosemary

Counters + Granite - Restorative basil, uplifting litsea cubeba, comforting palmarosa, invigorating fir, motivating peppermint

Bath + Tile - Refreshing lime, invigorating fir, restorative basil, energizing eucalyptus, motivating peppermint, uplifting litsea cubeba, comforting palmarosa

Wood + Floors - Comforting palmarosa, calming lavender, motivating peppermint, restorative basil, invigorating fir

How it Works

Supernatural works on a molecular level by using one of the most potent forces on earth, Mother Nature. By blending our carefully crafted botanicals with distilled or filtered water, you will begin elevating your cleaning experience with an all-natural cleaning product into a new ritual you will love to experience every single day. It brings you back to the present moment with its calming aromatherapeutic radiance, rejuvenating your senses and replenishing your energy. Your home will be purified by nature’s raw power, and rather than sterilizing your home of life it is energized and cleansed with our non-toxic earth-conscious concentrates.

Meet Our Sister Store, Supernatural

~Pourri’s founder Suzy Batiz created Supernatural when she started to look at labels, and realized not everything was as natural as she thought it was... Harsh chemicals that are harmful to the planet and our bodies, gratuitous plastic parts that can’t be recycled, and billions of pounds of water being shipped around the world unnecessarily.

She wanted to create something different: all-natural cleaning products that are sustainably sourced, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, that smell unbelievably amazing. Oh! And that actually work better than conventional cleaning and wellness products.
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