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Creation Incense awakens and inspires your inner great creator. Release your insecurities while you let your hands and heart discover new universes of life and art, reminding you that you are worthy and deserving of your natural talents. Dance with yourself, for yourself.

How to Use

Set the mood with a clean altar, place lit incense into your incense holder steady and at an angle. If needed, trim the bottom of the stick to ensure a proper fit. Light one Creation Incense stick with a gentle flame and blow out the fire when the tip begins to cherry . Extinguish by blowing or fanning out the flame.

Caution: Burn the incense on a surface that is heat-resistant and away from flammable items. Falling ash and natural oils will stain absorbant surfaces. Keep in box when unused.


12 pieces - length 10" - burn time around 100 minutes

Meet Our Sister Store, Supernatural

~Pourri’s founder Suzy Batiz created Supernatural when she started to look at labels, and realized not everything was as natural as she thought it was... Harsh chemicals that are harmful to the planet and our bodies, gratuitous plastic parts that can’t be recycled, and billions of pounds of water being shipped around the world unnecessarily.

She wanted to create something different: all-natural cleaning products that are sustainably sourced, with the lowest carbon footprint possible, that smell unbelievably amazing. Oh! And that actually work better than conventional cleaning and wellness products.
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