Flip The Funk With ~Pourri’s Newest Campaign – Poo~Pourri

Flip The Funk With ~Pourri’s Newest Campaign

In celebration of 15 years of stopping stinky situations here at ~Pourri, we’d like to introduce our funkiest campaign ever… all about Flipping that Funk!

We’ve teamed up with many talented artists along the way including Black Joe Lewis, to help create our own original song, and the viral dance troupe, Ghetto Funk Collective, to help bring their always impressive “locking” dance techniques and choreography to transform these ads into an outta sight experience!

The first two videos are officially here, and we are beyond excited to share MANY more surprises that are coming your way throughout the rest of the year! *Cough cough* including giveaways, exclusive videos, holiday scents, and even a few returning cult favorite products *cough* so keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks.

So, without further ado, check out our grooviest new funk fighting products below!